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Coments on the CI homily service

22 June, 2012


resultsGentle visitors

Thank you for your co-operation in answering our survey as to whether our Homily Service is worth continuing. We received around 30 responses from across the world and all were appreciative and very favourable.

Even though our financial resources are under considerable strain we will continue this service as long as we can.

Your comments
Below please find some of your comments:

…Very worth while to continue as it is …Sean

…I think you should keep up the good work you are doing..Paddy

…I am a deacon just on the threshold of the priesthood and I am writing you from Zambia in Africa. I will make use of your reflections for I have found them helpful. I will use them for my prayer in preparing the homily for tomorrow. …Charles, Zambia

your website is one I always frequent when preparing my homily…Rick, USA

…I would like to say that this is a wonderful resource for me and I recommend it all the time to others. I use it weekly to prepare for our Lectio Divina meeting…Mary

…Please continue with the web site as is…Fritz, Zanzibar

…I find the Sunday Homilies section very helpful and refer to it regularly…Joe, Mexico

…Good Catholic books are not always available. If they are, they have to be imported, which makes it so expensive.   Ian, S. Africa

…I find the 3 different reflections very useful for preaching/praying. Keep up the good work of putting them online….Joseph..

…I am a hospital chaplain in Canada, and I greatly appreciate the homily resource you provide.  I preside at a weekly ecumenical “prayer service” for long term care patients.  I use your resources almost every week, the only exceptions being times when Catholic feasts do not translate easily into an ecumenical setting.  I particularly appreciate Michel De Verteuil’s Lectio Divina, which often informs my own reflections….Pat, Canada

…Michel DeVerteuil always leads one into the deeper message with his meditation style, and the other two are always inspiring….So I hope you’ll keep it up. Tony, Australia

…I think it very strange that none  of ur usual writers were available for today.They have all week to prepare for this and surely its not that big of a task….Frank

…So I say ( yes ) keep it up. And I’ll be back weekly. Thank you from across the big pond in America…Bishop A, USA

…Please, continue the sunday homilies, it has been very important for me to follow the Word of God in the past few years, far from home and do some meditation. I keep praying you do not stop….Ste, East Timor

…Yes, please continue. I enjoy using them for reflection–good thought starters in preparation for Sunday Liturgy….John

…I like the reflections the way they are. Kevin, Texas

…We have found the site valuable for our Gospel Discussion Group particularly the Prayer Reflection Vince, Australia

…I think that it is a valuable resource for priests…..Paul, S.E. Ireland

…Yes, continue please, Lee, Verizon

…It was a great help to me in my ministry and in my personal spiritual growth…..Eetta, India