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Lent 2019: Reflection and Prayer…From God’s Word

Catholic Ireland and Emmaus Productions are delighted to present Scripture Video Reflections for each of the weeks of Lent,  as well as Holy Week and Easter.

These video reflections, which are based on the Gospels for Lent Year C use images and text and music to invite personal or communal reflection and discussion.

 Lent: video series for children

This video series offers image reflections on key words from the Gospels and Readings for the liturgical seasons and major feasts. The images and texts are accompanied by reflective music. Each video runs for approximately 3 – 5 minutes.

If the video is being used with a group, then the text that appears in purple or yellow is intended to be read out by a student or the Prayer Leader. Instructions for the teacher or Prayer Leader will appear in white italic text. It would be helpful for the reader to view the video first so that they are familiar with the flow of text.

Following a brief period of reflection on the images, the viewers are invited to relate the text and images to their own life experience through questions, which may be for personal reflection or for group sharing.

The video experience concludes with a prayer and the opportunity to sing a relevant song. It is recommended, as part of your preparation for the video experience, that you fast forward the video to the end and see the list of suggested songs and choose one that is known to the group and have it ready for use at the end of the video prayer.

We recommend that the teacher view the video before presenting it to the children, to assess the readiness of the children for the video experience. Prepare the children for the video experience by settling them in a prayerful and reflective space before viewing the video and direct them to follow the instructions that are given throughout the video.

When the video concludes allow time for the children to respond to the video experience before moving on with other activities.