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Apr 14 Benedict Joseph Labre 2 – The Ragged Saint

saintoftheday/st-benedict-joseph-labre-1748-83/ben-begging/" rel="attachment wp-att-43578">Ben beggingSummary: St Benedict Joseph Labre is the patron saint of beggars and the homeless. Born in Boulogne, France, he spent most of his life as a [...]


Oct 25 – The Forty Martyrs of England and Wales

Summary: These forty men and women of England and Wales, martyred between 1535 and 1679, were canonised in Rome by Pope Paul VI on 25th October 1970. Each has their feast day but they are remembered as a group on 25th October.


Where to from here?

Eschatalogy is the branch of theology that deals with "the four last things". Brian Grogan SJ's book is a fresh and hopeful look at the Christian vision of life after death.

Aug 7 – St Sixtus II (pope 257-258) and his companions, martyrs

Summary of Pope St Sixtus & Companions, Martyrs. They died on 6 August 258, martyred the year after his election as bishop of Rome during the persecution of the emperor Valerian. According to his contemporary, Saint Cyprian, he was “not so much killed as crowned, ” along with [...]


May 4 – (2)The Forty Martyrs of England and Wales (16th-17th centuries: details)

Summary: 2)The Forty Martyrs of England and Wales (16th-17th centuries: details)

Here Patrick Duffy gives the details of the lives and deaths of each of the Forty Martyrs of England and Wales.

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Apr 27 – St Zita (1212-72)

They soon found that Zita was not mean-spirited as they were, but a genuine saint.

Dancing with dinosaurs: a 21st century spirituality

This book by Mark Patrick Hederman is a kind of extended metaphor or metaphysical conceit for our relationship with God.

Glimpses of God: Reflections for days and seasons

126 pp. Veritas Publications. To purchase this book online, go to www.veritas.ie


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Lent & Easter

  • Spring Rain 
  • Great Escape
  • Breaking Bread
  • Unforsaken 
  • At the Foot of the Cross 
  • Communion of Saint
  • Dead Man Walking 
  • New Life 
  • Beyond Loss

 The Days of Our Lives

  • Stand Still 
  • A Place [...]

The Singing Heart of the World

Creation, Evolution and Faith. A scientist sets out relying on reason to seriously investigate the natural world we live in but eventually finds reason inadequate.

The cosmic circle: Jesus and ecology

In The Cosmic Circle Edward P. Echlin relates Jesus to ecology. He looks at Jesus in his Nazareth years as craftsman and food grower, and his connection with the earth.

Glendalough: a celtic pilgrimage

Michael Rodgers and Marcus Losack provide a detailed guide to the ancient pilgrimage site of Glendalough, revealing its rich traditions, legends and stories.


Destroying the marine habitat

Sean Mc Donagh writes about dangers to the marine habitat.


Oliver Plunkett in his own words

Desmond Forristal gives a lively account of the life of Oliver Plunkett from young priest in Rome through his travels to Ireland. We follow him through his ministry as archbishop, the disguises he adopted, his experience as a fugitive, his imprisonment in Dublin, his trial in London and final execution [...]


New wine, old wineskins: The Catholic Church and change in Ireland today

Martin Tierney has written a series of inspirational essays on the changes that are taking place in our world and how we can respond to God’s love in that world.