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The steps in the process of canonisation

30 November, 1999

We include here a short note on the steps on the road to canonisation.

Servant of God is a title given to a person when the pope gives permission for the opening of the cause of their sainthood.

A second step declares the person Venerable,  when it is established that the person had practised virtue (theological and cardinal) to a heroic degree. 

A third stage is Beatification. This is a decree permitting the public honouring at the level of the local church of a servant of God whose virtues to a heroic degree, or martyrdom, have been duly recognised. It is also a recognition that the person is in heaven and can intercede on behalf of individuals who pray in their name.

Canonisation is the definitive decree of admission of a servant of God among the canon of saints and a declaration that the person should be publicly honoured by the universal Church.