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Figuring out the Parables

In this article on the parables Seán Goan focuses on stories about Christian living and prayer. As we have come to expect from Jesus the teacher the parables on these topics are not lengthy sermons but short stories that paint vivid pictures.


Holy Bible, Human Bible: Questions pastoral practice must ask

Gordon Oliver examines the difficulties and opportunities that arise in using the Bible in conjunction with contemporary pastoral practice and modern scripture studies, and in doing so opens up new possibilities for interpreting the Bible as practical theology. He guides the reader through the various approaches and perspectives that will [...]


Women in the Gospel

James McPolin S.J. pays attention to the important role of women in the gospel accounts of the time of Christ.


That you may believe: background to John’s gospel

Philip Fogarty SJ takes a look at the circumstances behind the writing of the Gospel of St John, which emerged from the tension between early Christian communities and Jewish leaders.


Constant companions

Philip Fogarty SJ in his commentary on Mark’s Gospel deals with the questions: What does following Jesus mean? Did he have women followers? Were they different from “the Twelve”? These questions left people guessing. And we who read the gospel today are left with these questions too.


The meaning of parables

The wonderful thing about Jesus’ parables is that they nearly always have an element of surprise, of counter-culture, which he uses to force the listener to make a decision about accepting or rejecting the kingdom of God in their heart. Jim McPolin SJ explains.


Luke: Gracious Theologian The Jesus of Luke

Wilfred Harrington says that in Luke’s gospel that we find a Jesus of sensitivity, compassion and great gentleness. Luke reflects on God as the God of sinners. Luke does not seek to suppress the tragedy and mystery of the cross nor undervalue its saving role but his Jesus helps lift [...]


The star

The three wise men who came from the East followed a star. They believed that whatever they saw in the sky meant that a new king was being born for Judah. These men were astrologers, people who read the future and see omens in the sky. They were also astronomers [...]


A Council in Jerusalem

Paul preaches to Jews first and then when he is rejected by them he goes to the Gentiles. This brought up a new problem was the preaching of Jesus for Jews only or was it universal? Philip Fogarty SJ tells about the lead-up to the Council of Jerusalem which had [...]


Jesus the Messiah

In this introductory article to the Gospel of Mark Philip Fogarty SJ addresses the question about who the intended readers were and why Jesus imposes what is called a “messianic secret” about himself.


Searching for the lost

Chapter 15 of St Luke’s Gospel contains three parables about the lost and the outcast. James McPolin SJ interpretes these three parables as as showing that the compassion of God comes to all in the person of Jesus.

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