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Those who gave their lives for Irish freedom recalled

We must never betray the ideals which inspired those who took part in the Rising or let them be watered down through cynicism or mediocrity: Archbishop.


‘There is more than one narrative in 1916’

"We must live with a plurality of narratives, or our commemoration is a self-serving and disingenuous pretence” warns Archbishop Richard Clarke.


Portlaoise parish to commemorate 1916 Rising

“We are inviting all the people of Laois to mark the occasion with us in a dignified cultural commemoration."


Poor report card on Irish child poverty from UNICEF

Report shows nearly a third of all Irish children live in materially deprived households and this would be far greater were it not for social protection and child benefit payments.


Bishop recalls Kerry’s involvement in Easter Rising

Let commemorations “inspire us as a people to give of our best for our own people in Ireland and to open our hearts to world needs too”.


‘We must engage with our past and our future’

Bishops refer to 1916 centenary commemorations and the coming general election in Christmas messages.

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