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Pro Life Campaign

Bill seeks abortion for fatal foetal abnormality

Targeting babies with 'fatal foetal abnormalities' will threaten all children with disabilities, warns Every Life Counts.


Hospital review shows paper’s story didn’t exist

Review at National Maternity Hospital shows Ireland's ban on abortion did not prevent doctors from intervening to save mothers.


PLC rejects TD Jerry Buttimer’s call for abortion forum

Pro life group says public would be right to distrust any such process after 2013 Oireachtas hearings in relation to the Protection of Life in Pregnancy Bill.


PLC responds to High Court decision

Judge rules doctors may end life support treatments to a pregnant woman who has been clinically dead for a number of weeks.


Decision on baby of brain dead woman “prudential”

All factors must be considered says moral theologian.


PLC criticises Health Minister’s abortion remarks

Minister Varadkar accuses Eighth Amendment, which deals with abortion, of being too “restrictive”.


HSE is facilitating cover up PLC claims

Failure to condemn practices at IFPA-run clinics sends out message that it's okay for counselling agencies to encourage women to lie to their doctors: PLC


Pro-life activist convicted of harassment

PLC concerned that decision has implications for freedom of speech and the right to protest peacefully.


Call for embryonic stem cell research criticised

Adult stem cells and induced pluripotent stem cells continue to produce “astounding clinical results” and present no ethical dilemmas for scientists - PLC.


PLC’s Cora Sherlock makes BBC’s 100 women list

Pro-life activist is the only Irish woman to make it on to the prestigious list of 'women to watch for the future'.


Pro Life Campaign hits out at ‘abortion pill train’

“This appears to be an initiative more concerned with garnering publicity for the pro-choice cause rather than a genuine regard for women's health and well-being.”


Rockstar’s ex speaks out against abortion in Dublin

Disability rights campaigner, Dr Kevin Fitzpatrick, warns PLC conference of the step by step advance of euthanasia.


PLC’s MonthForLife promotes pro-life issues

Julia Holcomb, former girlfriend of Steve Tyler, lead singer of Aerosmith, to share story of late-term abortion at Pro Life Campaign National Conference next weekend.


Bill seeks repeal of amendment protecting unborn

PLC warns private members' bill aims to strip away any "remaining legal protection for the unborn child to create a regime where abortion is available on request."


PLC: Poll results on abortion “not surprising”

Sunday Independent poll shows 56% support referendum to repeal 8th Amendment; 60% support abortion in the case of suicide; 69% support it in case of rape.


PLC: Savita’s death was about mismanagement

Nine staff who treated Ms Halappanavar before her death at Galway University Hospital disciplined.


Little One fund launched at Equal Care vigil

“Strong undercurrent of public revulsion at way pro-choice groups sought to deny the humanity of the baby,” Caroline Simons tells vigil.


PLC warning over flaws in abortion act

Unborn baby delivered at 25 weeks by caesarean section after mother requests abortion under the terms of the new Act.


Irish abortion law too restrictive: UN Committee

Human Rights Committee’s partisan attitude supporting abortion undermines credibility of report on Ireland: PLC.


PLC accuses UN of ignoring ‘right to life’ of unborn

Ireland in breach of international human rights legislation by not having wider access to abortion UN Rapporteur suggests.


PLC launches Simple Truth Campaign

Pro-life group accuses Government of consistently misleading the public on abortion.


PLC criticises Government over abortion guidelines

Abortion is now legal in Ireland up to birth based on a threat of suicide PLC warns.


Drop in numbers travelling to UK for abortions

Supports for women with crisis pregnancies and awareness of humanity of unborn child has improved: Life Institute.


Irish PLC express shock at further liberalisation of British abortion law

Under new regulations, nurses and midwives may now play leading role in performing abortions.


PLC castigates “dismissive and undemocratic” attitude of EU Commission to Citizens Initiative

Petition was signed by almost 2 million people from 20 Member States. Summary dismissal shows "the entire European Citizens Initiative (ECI) mechanism becomes a farce," says European Dignity Watch.


PLC publishes Euro candidates’ responses on abortion

Don't vote for candidates standing for parties that voted for abortion say pro life groups.


PLC anger at support for ‘I Decide’ campaign

Campaign advocates abortion without any restrictions throughout full nine months.


Vigil 4 Life draws crowd of 15,000

Recently commissioned poll shows clear majority of women are opposed to abortion.


PLC’s Cora Sherlock joins LifeNews.com

Pro-life movement gearing up for National Vigil for Life in Merrion Square on 3 May.


EU debates initiative protecting human embryos

1.7 million people seek to prohibit use of EU funds for activities linked to destruction of human embryos.

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