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Pro Life Campaign

PLC welcomes pro-life motion by Kerry councillors

One Day More urges doctors to acknowledge the enormous benefits of continuing with pregnancies in the case of life-limiting conditions.


Ireland’s record on children’s rights under spotlight

Ministerfor Children, Dr James Reilly, to give a presentation to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child in Geneva today.


RTE acknowledges bias on abortion interview

"Other views on Ireland's approach to abortion ... were not provided to listeners.”


PLC criticises Minister’s 8th amendment repeal call

“Minister Simon Harris’ comments show Government’s blinkered approach to abortion.”.


Ray D’Arcy Show failed to uphold fairness

BAI finding: RTE interview with Colm O’Gorman of Amnesty Ireland articulated a "partisan position" on the issue of abortion.


Minister’s call for repeal of 8th Amendment criticised

Families of babies with life-limiting conditions are discovering too late about the existence of perinatal palliative care as an alternative to abortion: PLC


New pro life crisis pregnancy clinic opens in Belfast

TD Ruth Coppinger’s support for abortion pill bus condemned as “dangerous and irresponsible” says PLC.


Pro Life Campaign runs ‘month for life’ in October

Focus of the National Conference will be "confidently and unapologetically" working to defend the 8th Amendment, Ireland’s Life Equality Amendment.


PLC welcomes Limerick vote on 8th amendment

Councillors vote by 23-12 against a call for a repeal of the 8th Amendment which provides for a constitutional ban on abortion.


Few surprises in farmers’ abortion attitudes poll

PLC warns campaign to repeal 8th amendment is media driven and that trust in the media will deteriorate if pro life voices are not heard in abortion debate.


Pro Life Campaign questions election promises

Taoiseach refuses to commit to repealing 8th Amendment while Tánaiste confirms repeal of the Amendment will be part of Labour's manifesto.


PLC blasts Amnesty’s 8th amendment rally

Amnesty Ireland has abandoned founding principles and is now a de facto abortion lobby group PLC accuses.


Tributes for Team Ireland’s outstanding achievements

Success is "a reminder to the Government that people with special needs and their families must be given every support available” - PLC.


PLC tells UN there is no right to abortion

“One woman broke down in tears when speaking of how she regretted her abortion."


Govt blamed over sepsis guidelines failure

The Pro Life Campaign has accused the Government of exploiting the Savita Halappanavar case to get abortion legislation instead of prioritising patient safety.


PLC question credibility of Amnesty abortion report

Amnesty International’s close links to the pro choice Women on Web organisation raises "very serious questions about Amnesty’s professional judgement".


Abortion drone is a “cheap publicity stunt”: PLC

“Every other day, there seems to be a new set piece stunt from a different pro-choice group, all with the goal of pushing for more abortion in Ireland.”


26 terminations under new abortion law in 2014

Three of the twenty-six terminations were carried out the basis of a risk to the life of the mother from suicide.


Pro Life Campaign slates UN hypocrisy on abortion

UN Committee recommends State hold a referendum on abortion and revise legislation including the Constitution and Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act.


Challenge Amnesty’s double standards on abortion

Amnesty International's decision to become abortion campaigners has damaged the founding mission of the organisation claims Life Institute.


PLC demand Govt response to UK abortion death

32-year-old woman living in Ireland bled to death in the back of a taxi within hours of undergoing an abortion at a Marie Stopes clinic in London.


Vote to protect life in Carlow-Kilkenny urges PLC

"Many issues are troubling voters, but no issue is more important than protecting life. How we treat the vulnerable measures how civilised we are as a society."


Thousands are alive thanks to 8th amendment

Pro Life Campaign rejects yet another attack on the pro-life amendment.


Disappointment at proposed abortion law change

"It is reassuring that a significant number of MLAs will oppose any moves to discriminate against babies with terminal illness" - PLC.


PLC dispute latest abortion poll findings

"Opinion polls which omit key information produce distorted results," says Cora Sherlock of PLC.


PLC lashes RTE over abortion documentary

RTÉ accused of failing in its obligation to provide balance to the Irish public on the abortion issue.


Baby with ‘fatal foetal abnormality’ at pro life rally

If abortion was available in Ireland for fatal foetal abnormality, there would be an "expectation that this is the way to go," says father of baby Grace.


Media bias on abortion entrenched claims PLC

Concern over disparity between 33 pro-choice articles and 1 pro-life article that appeared in national papers in the space of a fortnight recently.


Labour calls for repeal of 8th amendment

Repeal of amendment protecting the right to life of the unborn will be part of Labour's manifesto for the next election.


PLC raps Amnesty over abortion law criticism

"Amnesty International was once an organisation that you could depend on to defend human rights."

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