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ISIS slay up to 30 Ethiopian Christians

New footage also includes the destruction of a number of churches, altars and works of religious art at unspecified locations.


Vatican raises Christian persecution at UN

UN Secretary General, Ban ki-Moon, will meet Pope Francis in the Vatican later this month to issues including climate change.


Child set on fire for being Christian in Pakistan

“That this deplorable attack on a child was triggered by a simple profession of faith is deeply worrying.”


Bishops highlight freedom of conscience & religion

Action is necessary in order to protect young people from being attracted to organisations that seek to impose cultural supremacy by violence.


Christians in Syria feel abandoned by world

ISIS has begun killing some of the 150 Christians taken hostage from villages in northeast Syria.


“We will conquer Rome by Allah’s permission”

ISIS-linked militants post video of mass beheadings of 21 Coptic Christians in Libya.


Pope Francis canonises Sri Lanka’s first saint

St Vaz Pope Francis said, “shows us the importance of transcending religious divisions in the service of peace."


‘Religious freedom is at the heart of human rights’

Speaking on World Day for Peace, Bishop of Cork & Ross says “Turning to violence in the name of religion is a perversion of everything that a religion stands for.”


Pope expresses his esteem for Mid East Christians

The Pope says he follows daily reports of the “enormous suffering endured by many people in the Middle East.”


Irish church leaders pray for Christians in Middle East

In their Christmas messages, Catholic and Church of Ireland bishops express concern for those living in the "grip of fear".


Shakespeare folio rekindles catholicism question

Rare first folio of plays dating from 1623 which was discovered in Saint Omer links Bard to the Jesuits.


ISIS converts Mosul’s churches into prisons

Concerns that female prisoners being held in St George’s monastery are being abused there.


Pope urges Muslims to take a stand on terrorism

Ecumenical Patriarch and Pope's joint declaration condemns global indifference to ISIS persecution of Christians.


Prince highlights lack of religious freedom

New report reveals worrying concerns for people of faith in 116 of the world’s 196 countries.


Catholic newspaper exposes persecution in Vietnam

Despite threats and harsh jail terms, Redemptorist News continues to defy government censors.


UN urged to recognise genocide of Christians

Patriarch calls for protection zone for Christians in northern Iraq under UN mandate and intervention to enable those displaced by IS to go home.


‘Walk to Mass’ in solidarity with Iraq’s Christians

Donations received by Aid to the Church in Need are being distributed directly to parishes in Iraq and Syria.


Vatican urges UN to act on Iraqi persecution

Chaldean Catholic bishop calls for establishment of an international force to combat advance of Islamic State.


Dublin Mass marks solidarity with Iraqi Christians

Faithful urged to walk to Mass on Sunday 31 August as a gesture of solidarity with persecuted Christians.


Annual Knock novena to attract 150,000 pilgrims

There is no scarcity of martyrs in the Church of our time - Bishop Michael Smith of Meath.


CofI Primate calls for prayers for Mosul’s Christians

Forced expulsion, violence and intimidation by ISIL militants described as "deeply distressing" by Archbishop Richard Clarke.


Mosul’s last remaining Christians flee ISIS

“We offer [Christians] three choices: Islam; the dhimma contract - involving payment... if they refuse this they will have nothing but the sword.”


Pope weeps for crucified Christians

Laments that “In some countries you can still go to jail for possessing a Gospel.”


Lord Alton pleas for persecuted Christians

Warning that West's "indifference" to plight of Christians is compounding the crisis.


Pope Emeritus attends consistory in St Peter’s

Pope warns “Whenever a worldly mentality predominates, the result is rivalry, jealousy, factions.”


Concern for imprisoned Christian lawyer in China

Gao Zhisheng twice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for defending China's persecuted.


Vatican to host peace talks on Syria

Talks will seek greater protection for Christians and to bring about a unified government.

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