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Radharc Trust invites applications for 2016 awards

Entries must be a documentary, of high artistic merit that addresses subjects such as national or international topics of faith, morality, social justice, human rights, history, religion or heritage.


Society depends so much on the family: Archbishop

"By destabilising marriage we are rapidly eroding the social structure on which humanity depends" warns Dr Michael Neary of Tuam.


Bishop questions arguments based on emotion

“It is not for us to judge people, but that doesn't mean that we should not make objective moral judgements,” Bishop Kevin Doran.


‘What has God got to do with it?’

Pure in Heart hosts presentation to adolescents on healthy attitudes to love and relationships.


Symposium explores Ratzinger’s theology

Over forty scholars gather in Maynooth to discuss pope emeritus' theological anthropology.


Bioethics and the Catholic moral tradition

Pádraig Corkery's book gives an ethical evaluation of some of the more controversial developments in medical practice over the past few decades.


The Challenge of Christian Discipleship

Fr William Cosgrave publishes a collection of essays in moral and pastoral theology written over the last twenty years in church magazines in Ireland.


The call to be human: making sense of morality

240pp. Veritas Publications. To purchase this book online go to www.veritas.ie

Theologian Vincent MacNamara sees morality as a call to the full human flourishing each of us has as part of our human make-up. We find ourselves with others in society searching to do the decent thing. The author leads us gently but with expertise and authority. And he [...]


When abortion seems the answer

In “Face Up”, a magazine for teenagers, Anne Dempsey asks why hundreds of Irish teens have abortions every year. She looks at the other choices available to those who find themselves pregnant.


Vulnerable to the holy in faith, morality and art

Amid the chaos and the beauty of the contemporary world Enda McDonagh sees the Other, the Holy, still powerfully present and urges us to be open. We will find, he says, that the Other is both gift and call, costing and fulfilling not less than everything.


Mistakes in the past and the primacy of conscience

Has the Church made mistakes in its pronouncements in the past? If a person today finds themselves in conflict with Church statements, what should they do? Seán Fagan SM tries to shed some light.


Our prisons are not working

Reform of the Irish prison system will take place only when society demands more than simple retribution and vengeance and starts to look for restorative justice, writes Fr Fergal McDonagh, chaplain to Arbour Hill Prison, Dublin.


New life for old: on desire and becoming human

Starting with human desire, Vincent MacNamara traces the possibility for the contemporary reader to move through the development of a personal self and soul-awakening to religious faith and moral transformation.


The virtue of temperance

The Catechism of the Catholic Church treats temperance in the context of the dignity of the human person, the human vocation and human virtues as the power for right living. It is not depriving a person of anything, but is totally a positive acquisition. Patrick Duffy explains.


The climate which favoured clerical sex abuse

Desmond O’Donnell OMI, a registered psychologist, identifies features of Church culture which have made it possible for clerical sex abuse of children to thrive.


Filling the vacuum

The Ceifin Centre for Values-Led Change is about holding a mirror up to the reality of modern society in Ireland, reflecting and questioning the changing trends and scenes of Ireland. Harry Bohan edits this collection of essays looking at sport, globalisation, prophets and profits and the Good News in Ireland [...]


Fast and abstinence

Gerard writes: Drinking too much leads to more serious consequences than overeating. Yet fast and abstinence in the Church is always focussed on food and never on drink. Why is this? Fr Bernard McGuckian SJ replies.


After Ferns: the rise of Christian secularism

The Ferns Report was a moment of epiphany, Seán Ó Conaill argues. Judge Murphy has put in place a new accountability that a smug clerical church could not achieve. He sees it as the beginning of a new partnership between secularism and Christianity.


Moral theology: a reader

This is a selection of essays on some central moral concerns of modern life – how to approach moral judgements, what is the meaning of natural law and the role of faith in personal decision making.


Questions of Conscience

Paul Andrews SJ discusses some of the dilemmas that we have to face when deciding what is the right thing for us to do in particular circumstances.


The Sunday obligation

James D. writes: Dear Father, The Catholic Church insists so much on attendance at Sunday Mass that it seems as if this is the top priority for members. Are other aspects of Christian life not of greater importance? Fr Bernard McGuckian SJ replies.


Undergoing God: dispatches from the scene of a break-in

James Alison is a Catholic theologian, priest and author. Here he poses questions to his Catholic faith on the important questions of desire, worship, sexuality and truthfulness.


Fostering a community of values

On 29th May 2008 the Catholic Bishops of Ireland issued a pastoral reflection on the occasion of the referendum on the Treaty of Lisbon. While not explicitly urging a yes vote, it is an endorsement of the European project.


Ethics vs crime in the boardroom

Should “banksters” and other business criminals be jailed? Professor Ray Kinsella says that after the findings of two damning reports on crimes in AIB and NIB, big business is at last being forced to adopt ethical practices.


The transformation of desire

Saving the planet and healing the human community are at the heart of this passionate reflection on the nature of desire by Diarmuid Ó Murchú.


Say it to my face

Paul Andrews SJ discusses what it means to deal with disagreements as a Christian.


Our social lubricant

The drinks lobby in Ireland seems to have the same hold on public policy as the gun lobby in the USA. Paul Andrews SJ writes to raise awareness of the destructive effects of alcohol advertising.


A wild constraint: the case for chastity

Jenny Taylor rediscovers chastity as a counter-culture that heralds a new sexual freedom and a recovery of community. She has as her model pioneers, like Florence Nightingale and Jane Austen, and the missionary spinsters who spent decades in India, Nepal and Africa providing healthcare and educational opportunities, especially for other [...]


Life is for living: a reflection on suicide

As today, 10th September 2008, is World Suicide Prevention Day, the Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference has republished its recent pastoral letter “Life is for Living – A Reflection on Suicide”. This pastoral letter was published to mark the Day for Life in October 2004.


Guarding God’s peace

Christine Green looks across the world at a wide range of Church laws on ‘keeping holy the Sabbath Day’.

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