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The Italian connection

Italy has had an important impact on how we celebrate Christmas, but Italians also have some unusual practices, writes Fr Michael Collins from Rome.


Promises to keep; parents and confirmation

This book aims to get both the parents at home and the parish community involved with the candidates for confirmation as they prepare for the day they receive the sacrament and insure it will be a fruitful experience for all. John-Paul Sheridan is diocesan advisor for primary religious education in [...]


Three companions for the Advent journey

James Wallace C.Ss.R. proposes that we take three model characters as our ‘companions’ for Advent: John the Baptist, the prophet Isaiah, and the Blessed Virgin Mary.


The liturgical year

How can the liturgical year help us grow in holiness? This talk given by Clifford Howell in the 1950s explains how in some beautiful analogies from nature and biology.


The little book of Christian rituals in the home

A book by Veritas catechetical writer Tom Gunning that helps you celebrate prayers and rituals in the home for all the important occasions and times of the year. For birth and death, for going out and coming home, for the living and for the dead. Every Christian family would love [...]


Bringing home the Christmas

Chronicler of village life in Ireland, Alice Taylor, recalls some of the Christmas traditions of her childhood for John Scally.


Reading in church: a practical guide

What we present here is the table of contents and a brief review of this practical booklet which will help those who undertake to read in church. The booklet is available from Fr Colm Kilcoyne, PP, Cong, Co Mayo. Phone 087 95 46030 or 087 2402 486 Email: [email protected]


What Easter means to me

Fr George Wadding remembers back to childhood Easters and prays that Easter would recover its former status as the most important feast in the Christian year.


The bread of life: preparing for first confession and first communion

This well-illustrated book is a course of fifteen lessons for children preparing for First Confession and First Holy Communion. It will be an invaluable resource in any home, parish and school which wants to hand on the faith to their children.


Living the Sunday nowadays

This month the Pope asks us ‘that Sunday be lived as the day on which Christians gather to celebrate the Risen Lord in the table of the Eucharist’. Fr Michael Paul Gallagher SJ explains.


Desperately seeking Easter

Jim Auer reflects on how all of us end up, like Christ, on Calvary, over and over in our lives; yet we can be assured that there is no dying without a rising, no Good Friday without an Easter.

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