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Human life

Christians are called to be people who treasure life

“I cannot celebrate the light of Christ without thinking of those students in Kenya singled out to be killed precisely because of their Christian identity" - Archbishop Martin.


Vatican calls for abolition of death penalty at UN

"Irreversibility of this punishment does not allow for eventual corrections in the case of wrongful convictions."


Parents highlight alternative to abortion at Dáil

With the almost exclusive focus on abortion, it is a shame we never get to hear about life-affirming alternatives like perinatal hospice care."


Leinster House honours Mary’s Meals charity

Charity feeding over 920,000 a day in 13 countries exemplifies Celtic spirit of "going out to the whole world and bringing hope and assistance to people in need" - Senator Mullen.


Integrity of marriage under attack: Cardinal Burke

Growing confusion and error about marriage "will weaken seriously if not totally compromise the Church’s witness” US prelate warns.


Bishop appeals for safety on the roads

Motorists urged to say dedicated prayer before driving.


Archbishop says faith must retain place in public square

Bringing faith and reason together will lead to a richer debate, future Primate suggests.


The First Right of a Human Person is Life Pope Highlights

Pope expresses dismay over throwaway culture that discards human beings not considered valuable.

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