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Catholic Schools FAQs – Ethos

Maeve Mahon gives an insight into what is different about a Catholic school in regard to the characteristic spirit or ethos of the school.


How to read the Bible: A manual for beginners …

Fr Brendan McConvery, CSsR, has written a really user-friendly manual to help ordinary people explore the Bible in an accessible and non-threatening way.


Catholic Primary Education: Facing New Challenges

The essays in this book debate the current issues surrounding Catholic primary education in Ireland.


Catholic Primary Schools – Looking to the Future

Fr Michael Drumm discusses school patronage and inclusivity and looks ahead to upcoming consultations about the future of our Catholic primary schools.


Share the Good News – Catechesis Directory

Share the Good News - the first National Directory for Catechesis in Ireland - was launched at the Mater Dei Institute of Education in Dublin.


Catholicism: A Journey to the Heart of the Faith

Fr Robert Barron has written this book as the script for a ten-part documentary 'Catholicism'. It is part of the New Evangelization to promote the Christian gospel in the third millenium.


An illustrated catechism (2007)

This illustrated teaching resource presents the basic elements of the Catholic faith in four sections: The Creed, The Sacraments, The Commandments and Prayer.


Faith languages: thoughts for each day

Using The Catechism of the Catholic Church as his starting point and structure, Patrick M. Devitt provides a range of images, personalities, cameos from everyday life along with a Scripture text to present and illustrate the truths of the Catholic faith. The style is punchy. It is useful not only [...]

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