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Able lives

A few months before the Special Olympics was due to open, journalist Fiona Murdoch received a phone call asking her would she profile some of the participants and write a book about them to help the general public better understand how able disabled people are. This is the result.


A painful gift: the journey of a soul with autism

Out of the fire of his own autistic torment, Christopher Goodchild has produced this beautiful and inspiring book full of profound life-giving wisdom. 


Mother Courage: fighting for Jamie

For more than two decades, Kathryn Sinnott has campaigned tirelessly to get educational rights for her autistic and profoundly mentally handicapped son, Jamie, and others like him. It’s a battle that has taken her right as far as the Supreme Court. John Scally meets a mother who has given hope [...]


Jean Vanier and L’Arche

Bernard Allon, a diocesan priest and pastor of the L’Arche community in Kilkenny, describes Jean Vanier’s ‘life-long pilgrimage of grace’ as founder of L’Arche.


Getting around

Clare Louise Creedon works in the Forum for People with Disabilities. Here she alerts us to what it is like for people with disabilities to cope in a world that ignores them.


Access all areas

In this series, people who live with disabilities tell us what it’s like to cope in a world that frequently ignores them. Gerry Ellis has a degree in Economics, and works as a software engineer with a major bank in Dublin. Access all areas


Special needs

‘Are yez handicapped or are yez deprived?’ shouted the man who was in charge of letting the children into Funderland. Paul Andrews SJ tells of his experience of working with children of St Declan’s Special National School in Dublin.

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