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Sep 4 – St Mac Nissi (died c. 514) monk and bishop

Summary: St Mac Nissi, Bishop. Oengus Mac Nissi took his name from his mother Cnes or Ness. It is claimed that Patrick baptised him and taught him the psalms. He seems to be one of the early converts. He chose the district of Connor for his hermitage, but [...]


Sep 3 – St Gregory the Great (540-604) monk and pope

Gregory composed presidential prayers (the Gregorian Sacramentary) and oversaw musical development (Gregorian chant.)


Sep 2 – Bl Frederick Ozanam (1813-53) founder

On the return journey Frederick after collectin a prestigious award for his work on Dante.collapsed and died at Marseilles on 8th September 1853.


Sep 1 – St Giles or Aegidius (640-710) hermit

Aegidius became so famous for giving alms and working miracles of healing


Aug 31 – St Aidan of Lindisfarne (7th century) monk and missionary

Aidan encouraged women in the religious life. This was a monastery in the Celtic style, with men and women living separately in small houses, but worshipping together in church.


Aug 30 – Saint Alberto Hurtado SJ-Tireless in service

Summary : Fr Alberto Hurtado, a Chilean Jesuit, was canonised with four others at the closing Mass of the Synod on the Eucharist in October 2005.

Fergus O’Donoghue SJ wrote this account of his eventful and fruitful life.


Aug 30 – St Fiacre (7th century) patron of gardeners and taxi-drivers

St Fiacre is often invoked for healing of cancers and venereal diseases. He is also the patron saint of gardeners and taxi-drivers.


Aug 29 – The Passion of St John the Baptist

Herod, hearing about Jesus and the miraculous powers at work in him, feared that this Jesus was John whom he had beheaded risen from the dead.


Aug 28 – St Augustine of Hippo (354-430) bishop

Augustine was influenced by reading the life of Saint Anthony of the Desert, who when he read "Go, sell all you have, and give to the poor, and come and follow me". Augustine did just that.


Aug 27 – St Monica (332-387) Mother of St Augustine

Monica went to see a certain holy bishop who consoled her with the now famous words: 'The child of those tears shall never perish'.


Aug 25 – St Louis of France (1214-70) king

Louis IX is best understood if we see him as trying to fulfill the duty of France, which was seen as "the eldest daughter of the Church"


Aug 25 – St Joseph Calasanz (1557-1648) patron of Catholic schools

Joseph shared and defended his friend's Galileo's heliocentric view of the cosmos. Joseph himself was removed from his post as superior general. Eighty years after his death his name was cleared.


Aug 24 – St Bartholomew (1st century) apostle

In the Middle Ages there was a tradition that Bartholomew was flayed - that is, his skin was removed from his body before he was martyred.


Aug 23 – St Rose of Lima

Rose fasted, then became a vegetarian, mortifying her flesh with hard work and slf denial. She wanted to turn attention away from her own beauty and focus it on God.


Aug 23 – Saint Eoghan or Eugene of Ardstraw 6th century (Patron of Derry Diocese)

Summary of Eoghan or Eugene of Ardstraw became a monk after training at St Ninian’s monastery in Galloway, Scotland. His Irish foundations were at Kilnamanagh near Dublin and Ardstraw in west Tyrone.

Patrick Duffy fills in some details about Eoghan.


Aug 22 – The Queenship of Mary

"Blessed are you, O Virgin Mary, because you believed in all the things which were told you by the Lord: you will reign for ever with Christ".


Aug 21 – St Pius X (1835-1914) Pope

Giuseppe Sarto, as Pope St Pius X, died with a reputation for sanctity. He wrote in his will: "I was born poor, I have lived poor and I wish to die poor."


Aug 20 – St Bernard of Clairvaux (1090-1153) monk and abbot

Bernard himself was sent with twelve monks to start a new foundation at Clairvaux and soon became its abbot. His father and all his brothers entered so as to pursue religious life.


Aug 19 – St John Eudes (1601-70) priest

John Eudes in 1643 and founded his own society, composed of secular priests, the Congregation of Jesus and Mary (CJM - the Eudists)


Aug 18 – St Helen (c. 250–330) mother of Constantine

The tradition is that while Helen was in Jerusalem ( in her eighties) in the years 327-8 she discovered the true cross.


Aug 17 – St Jeanne Delanoue (1666-1736) Founder

Jeanne took in distressed and abandoned orphans, single mothers and prostitutes and began living a truly spiritual life, so much so that she eventually closed the family business to concentrate more on work for others.


Aug 16 – St Stephen of Hungary (975-1038) King, Patron

Stephen was the first Christian king of Hungary. He established a stable Christian culture in that part of Central Europe.


Aug 15 – The Assumption of the Bl. Virgin Mary

Since death is a consequence of sin, it was fitting that in the case of Our Lady, due to her her freedom from original sin and personal sin, she would have protected her from the general law of death.


Aug 14 – St Maximilian Kolbe (1894-1941) Franciscan martyr

One of the menselected for immediate death cried out, saying he had a famil. Maxamillian volunteered to take his place and this was accepted by the Nazi commander.


Aug 13 – Saints Pontian, pope and Hippolytus, priest (d.c. 235) martyrs

Summary: Ss Pontian & Hippolytus, Martyrs: Pontian, Pope, and HIPPOLYTUS, Priest, died some time in the fourth century after mistreatment in exile. They were brought back to Rome for burial on this day and honoured as seekers of the truth.

Patrick Duffy tells us what is [...]


Aug 13 – St Fachtna (6th century) patron of Rosscarbery

Fachtna founded a monastery and school in the Rosscarbery area which became a celebrated seat of learning and gained an international reputation for study of sacred scripture.


Aug 12 – St Muiredach (c. 480) patron of Killala diocese

St Muiredach may have been the founder of a monastery on the island of Inishmurray, seven kilometres off the coast of Mullaghmore, Co Sligo.

<<<This old  image  shows the Cathedral of St Muiredach, Ballina, [...]


Aug 12 – St Jane Frances de Chantal (1572-1641): Co-founder

"Sometimes put yourself simply before God, certain of his presence everywhere, and without any effort, whisper very softly to his sacred heart whatever your own heart prompts you to say."


Aug 12 – St Attracta (Adhract) (5th century): co-patron with St Nathy of Achonry diocese

Summary St Attracta: When St Patrick is said to have founded a nunnery at Coolavin, he appointed Attracta as its first abbess. It was called after her Cill Adhracht (“Attracta’s church”, English Killaraght).


Aug 11 – St Clare (1193-1253) founder

When Clare was very sick and confined to her cell, she began to see the convent Mass on the wall of her room as if she was present there herself. Pope Pius XII in 1958 proclaimed her patroness of television.

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