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Apr 20 – St Agnes of Montepulciano O.P. (1268-1317)

20 April, 2012

Summary: Saint Agnes is sometimes represented with a model of her home town of Montepulciano in her hand and is still revered there and throughout Tuscany. She had a reputation as a miracle worker.

Patrick Duffy outlines her life.

 Agnes of MultiAgnes was born into a noble family in Gracciano, a small village near Montepulciano in Tuscany, Italy, where, at the age of nine, she entered the local convent. When in 1281 a new foundation was made at Proceno, Agnes went there and later became the superior. Later again the citizens of Montepulciano invited her to return and she set up a convent under the Dominican order in the town in houses that had been used as brothels. The convent prospered under her direction.

Reputation for Miracles
gnes had a reputation for prophecies and miracles: curing people suffering from physical and mental sickness, multiplying loaves as Jesus did, and so on. She seems to have been a no-nonsense, energetic woman.

Her Death
n her forties Agnes suffered a long and painful illness and the sisters persuaded her to take the waters of the local spa. When her health did not improve she said to the sisters: “If you loved me, you would be glad that I am about to enter the glory of my spouse. Do not grieve over my departure: I shall not lose sight of you. You will find I have not abandoned you and you will possess me forever.” She died aged forty-nine.

Dominican's unite around the Cross of Jesus

Dominicans unite around the Cross of Jesus

Still Revered in Tuscany
gnes’s tomb was much visited by pilgrims including the Emperor Charles IV and St Catherine of Siena. In art she is sometimes represented with a model of her town in her hand. She is still greatly revered in Tuscany.