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Eighth Amendment Terminology

Life Matters » Eighth Amendment » Eighth Amendment Terminology

Below are some useful words and phrases assoicated with pregnancy and abortion as well as with the referendum campaign.

Term Definition
Ante-natal Before birth.
Fertilisation The joining of sperm with ovum, completed when their nuclei are combined, to make a genetically new individual.
Foetus (Latin, ‘young, offspring’) The developing human from eight weeks after fertilisation up to birth.
Gestational age The baby’s age calculated by estimating pregnancy as starting from the first day of the mother’s last menstrual period.
Morula (Latin, “mulberry”) The earliest stage of human embryo development; the first four days of life when the growing cell cluster looks like (but is not) a berry.
Sentient capacity The ability to feel sensations such as pain.
Zygote (Greek, ‘joining’) The new, one-celled being formed when sperm fertilises egg; the zygote of the species Homo sapiens is a human being at the earliest stage of life.