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Lent Daily Thoughts

Ash Wednesday, 14 February

Lent is the old English word for Spring, a season of emerging colour and light and of an earth waking from its sleep. Yet we often think of Lent as just the opposite! However, despite its liturgical austerity, Lent is a time of renewal, of inner searching in readiness for the saving actions of Jesus at Easter. We are called to detox ourselves, to rid ourselves of those deadly sins and to willingly and lovingly embrace the works or mercy. We don’t need to boast about it, we just need to do it in simplicity of heart. Let the light in, so that the sun can shine out!
“Lord, you are the light that brings me out of darkness, may I walk in your presence forever!”

Thursday, 15 February

Obedience is a central theme in the Book of Deuteronomy. However, unlike the rigid understanding of obedience as fulfilling orders and commands in order to avoid penalties, here we have obedience expressed through love. Love and obedience set us free from what can be a tiny and selfish environment, and enable us to choose life so that all of us can live in the love of our Lord and lose the traits of prejudice, narrow mindedness and falsehood. Today God calls us to obey the summons of total love – love without condition.

“Lord, may I love you with my whole heart and above all things, and always be true to your Name.”