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Lent, Week 5 Tuesday (20 March)

20 March, 2018

We see injustice all around us. Sometimes it is right on our dorrstep but what are we prepared to do about it? Is it too much of an effort to do something about it? Do we leave it to others and hope that the rule of law will suffice? Is the law our first obligation or the truth itself? Do we let material values outweigh spiritual values?

When Jesus was scourged, Pilate said, “What am I to do with this man?” Pilate could see that Jesus had done no harm yet because he was afraid of the crowd, he did not stand up for justice and let them crucify Jesus.

Lord Jesus, there are times when I simply close my eyes and walk on by. Give me the courage to bring about change, not just on my own but with others. May your kingdom come!