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Holy Saturday (31 March)

31 March, 2018

Today, Holy Saturday, God is absent. It is as Pope Benedict XVI wrote, “it is the day of the death of God…the grave hides him, that he longer awakes….speaks….so that one no longer needs him and overlooks him.

God is where no voice can reach Him.

There is life in the midst of death, because love dwells in it”

Today, we wait. No Mass, no Holy Communion, the altar is bare. As the church sleeps it will wake up to the glory of the Resurrection. Are you ready to wake up and share that joy? Renew your life in the bright lights of Easter. Whatever difficulties or anxieties you may have to deal with, step by step, let the power of the Resurrection lift you up.

Christ, buried in the tomb, your mother kept watch in faith. We watch in faith and wait for your rising. Raise us from death to life – life in you.