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Justin Kilcullen at IEC2012

Justin Kilcullen, Director of Trocaire, discusses the Trocaire workshop at IE2012 and the on-going work of justice.


Suffering and Healing – Timothy Radcliffe OP

The title for the talk at IEC 2012 by Timothy Radcliffe OP was Spirituality for Today, Suffering and Healing. Full version.


Trócaire workshop at IEC2012

The Trócaire workshop at IEC2012 featured inputs from Trócaire partners and a reflection from Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga President of Caritas Internationalis.


‘The Communion of the Sick and Dying’ – Prof Desmond O’Neill

Professor Desmond O’Neill is a consultant physician in geriatric and stroke medicine. On Friday 15th June at IEC2012 he delivered a talk under the title ‘The Communion of the Sick and Dying’.


Salt and Light TV

Fr Thomas Rosica, founding CEO of Salt and Light Television, Canada’s first national Catholic Television Network is joined by Sebastian Gomes who joined Salt and Light TV earlier this year.


Fr Thomas Rosica on Catholic Media

Fr Thomas Rosica, the founding CEO of Salt and Light Television, addressed the topic – is there a Catholic Media and is the Media for Catholics?


Community and Inclusion – Peter McVerry SJ

Fr Peter McVerry reflects on how Jesus came to bring good news to the poor and the need for the poor today to experience the God of compassion in the caring and sharing of the Christian community.


Why no Lord’s Supper at the Last Supper

In his workshop at IEC2012 Kieran O’Mahony OSA explored the teaching on the Eucharist to be found in the Fourth Gospel.


Share the Good News – Brendan O’Reilly

Share the Good News is the title of the ten year plan for the revitalisation of the Irish Church. It took six years of consultation to compose the plan before it was approved by Rome. This workshop explores various aspects of Share the Good News.


Fr Eugene Duffy at IEC2012

Fr Eugene Duffy addresses the topic of what happens when the Christian Community gathers on Sunday in the absence of the Presbyter.


Mary and the new Evangelisation – Father Paul Churchill

Fr Paul Churchill addresses the topic of Mary and the new Evangelisation – the second of two IEC2012 workshops led by the Legion of Mary.


Through the Eyes of the Apostles Exhibition

This sensory rich installation was one of the highlights of IEC2012 for many pilgrims- it transports visitors to Capernaum, the village on the shores of the Sea of Galilee where Jesus lived during His public ministry.


New Irish Mass setting by Liam Lawton

Fr Liam Lawton discusses his new Irish Mass setting for the revised missal called Aifreann Muire na nGael which will be published by Veritas in November 2012.


Interview with John Waters on ‘finding my religion’

John Waters, Author and Journalist, shares his reflection on ‘finding my religion’ which was the title for his talk at IEC2012.


Interview with Catholic Comment

Watch an interview recorded at IEC2012 with one of the organisers of Catholic Comment – Petra Conroy – and one of their newly trained speakers – Kevin Leavy..


Br Alois Prior of Taize at IEC2012

The theme for Monday at IEC2012 was Communion in One Baptism – Br Alois (Prior of Taize) summarises his message that he delivered in the main arena.


Fr Paddy Byrne on Twitter

Fr Paddy Byrne explains why he opened his twitter account (@frpaddybyrne) and what he has learned about engaging with people on-line.


Praying the New Missal with Children

Maeve Mahon introduces a resource - Come, Gather and Celebrate - which includes a DVD of a Mass celebrated with the New Missal.


Safeguarding Review of Six Dioceses – November 2011

an Elliott, CEO of the NBSCCC, comments on the reports released by six dioceses in regard to their safeguarding practices.


Safeguarding Standards – One Church Policy and Standards

Ian Elliott, CEO of the NBSCCC, discusses how a ‘one church’ approach to safeguarding was fundamental to the development of the NBSCCC and how their ‘Standards’ document serves as the template for all church bodies in Ireland.


Why I volunteered for IEC 2012

A number of volunteers share why they were inspired to serve at the International Eucharistic Congress and offer encouragement to those thinking of joining up. Applications close on March 17th.


Eucharist: Table of Word and Sacrament – Fr Drumm (1/3)

Fr Michael Drumm speaking in Carlow Cathedral during the Kildare and Leighlin Diocesan Eucharistic Congress. In this concluding part, Fr Drumm reflects on Communion.


Eucharist: Table of Word and Sacrament – Fr Drumm (2/3)

Fr Michael Drumm speaking in Carlow Cathedral during the Kildare and Leighlin Diocesan Eucharistic Congress. In this part, Fr Drumm reflects on the Table of Word.


Eucharist: Table of Word and Sacrament – Fr Drumm (3/3)

Fr Michael Drumm speaking in Carlow Cathedral during the Kildare and Leighlin Diocesan Eucharistic Congress. In this part, Fr Drumm reflects on how God calls us together.


Where to from here?

Eschatalogy is the branch of theology that deals with "the four last things". Brian Grogan SJ's book is a fresh and hopeful look at the Christian vision of life after death.


NBSCCCI reviews 2012 – Interview with Ian Elliott

Ian Elliott, CEO of the National Board for the Safeguarding of Children in the Catholic Church in Ireland discusses the seven Safeguarding Review Reports on 5th September 2012.


Catholic Schools FAQs – Ethos

Maeve Mahon gives an insight into what is different about a Catholic school in regard to the characteristic spirit or ethos of the school.


Reaping the Harvest: Fifty Years after Vatican II

Jim Corkery SJ, Suzanne Mulligan and Gerry O'Hanlon SJ look at the positive insights and challenges that came from the Council.


Bishop Smith on taking shorthand at Vatican II

Bishop Michael Smith, joined by Dr Patrick Geoghegan and Dr Padraic Conway, reflects on his time working at the Second Vatican Council.

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