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The changing Irish Family – David Quinn

At IEC2012 David Quinn, journalist and director of the Iona Institute addressed the question ‘The changing Irish Family – for better or worse?’


Suffering and Healing – Timothy Radcliffe OP

The title for the talk at IEC 2012 by Timothy Radcliffe OP was Spirituality for Today, Suffering and Healing. Full version.


‘The Communion of the Sick and Dying’ – Prof Desmond O’Neill

Professor Desmond O’Neill is a consultant physician in geriatric and stroke medicine. On Friday 15th June at IEC2012 he delivered a talk under the title ‘The Communion of the Sick and Dying’.


Work and spirituality: finding the balance

Greg Heylin explores the areas of work and spirituality at individual and organisational levels. Essentially it is a book of ascetical theology which draws on wisdom from organisational consultancy, the self-help tradition, spiritual companionship and Christian faith. It aims to give saner perspectives on work and give power to act [...]


A painful gift: the journey of a soul with autism

Out of the fire of his own autistic torment, Christopher Goodchild has produced this beautiful and inspiring book full of profound life-giving wisdom. 


Able lives

A few months before the Special Olympics was due to open, journalist Fiona Murdoch received a phone call asking her would she profile some of the participants and write a book about them to help the general public better understand how able disabled people are. This is the result.


Care of the dying: a sublime vocation

Carers for the dying have a sublime and sensitive vocation. They need to be aware of their own motivation. They should not deny the reality of the coming death so patients and carers can share memories and deal with past hurts. Philip Fogarty SJ explains.


Unexpected endings: miscarriages

For most parents, the sudden and unexpected loss of a child through miscarriage is an emotional as well as a spiritual crisis. M. Fran Rybarik describes the unique sense of loss parents experience and suggests ways in which family and friends can support them in their grief.


When a child dies

The death of a child mocks our sense of the natural order of things. It tests and sometimes breaks our faith in a loving God. Martha Manning, a clinical psychologist, explores the emotional upheaval experienced by families of children who have died or who are terminally ill, and suggests ways [...]


Grieving: a beginner’s guide

Conventional thinking sees grieving as something to be “got over”, “recovered from”. In this practical handbook for grievers, Jerusha Hull McCormack urges us, on the contrary, to “properly attend to” the pain of grief. Grief can then be seen as a quest that leads to discoveries that transform your whole [...]


Reflections for the Golden Years

Angela Macnamara offers a light-hearted and accessible look at the benefits – as well as the trials and tribulations – of growing older. She offers, in an easy style, helpful advice ranging from practical suggestions on how to remain active and positive, spiritual concerns such as trusting in God’s plan [...]

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