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Advent Moments: Wk 4, Tues

23 December, 2014

Jesus darkness to light

Tuesday of the Fourth Week of Advent 23-12-14

Gospel: Luke 1:57

The time came for Elizabeth to give birth and she bore a son.’

Reflection:               Loving what we create

Creating a teenagers room

Creating a teenager’s room


We value what we create: a photo, a work of art,a room,  the garden. We value the love we create among us, and especially value our children, like Elizabeth and Mary in the gospel  loving their children ‘to bits’.

We can remember the beginnings of anything we have created, or anyone we have helped to create. We remember anything we have made to flourish and come to its full growth.

Newborn Baby taken closeup in mother's Hand


The same with God —
he remembers, as it were, when we were nothing
and wants us to develop to the fullness of our potential.

So we remind him in prayer where we came from,
and hope then he will help us fulfil our dreams and hopes of goodness in this life
and joy and of love in the life hereafter.



Create in us, Lord Jesus, hearts and minds
that long for beauty since you are beauty
and that long for love, for your name is love.

Please offer a prayer today for :

for your parents, living or deceased.
for other people’s parents,
for all deceased people woh have no one to pray for them,
for all new babies who may be sick, in danger or are unwanted
and for our worldand all it’s people.


Our thanks  to all those who helped, were quoted or whose pictures we used in th making of this site.
Our thanks especially to Donal Neary SJ  for the use/adaptation  of the text of his booklet,
Praying in Advent’.

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