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Advent Moments: Wk 1, Wed

03 December, 2014


Wednesday of the first week of Advent :3/12/14

Gospel:          Matthew 15:3 1

Great crowds came to him, bringing with them the lame, the maimed, the blind, the mute and many others, and he cured them, and the crowd was amazed when they saw the lame walking and the blind seeing, and they praised the God of Israel

Reflection: What attracted so many?

Something about Jesus attracted people to him — his miracles, his compassion, his words, and just himself. Jesus blessed kidsHe was the sort of person you liked to be around — unless you were content to live in meanness and in sin. Even then something about him could break through. If large crowds came to him, would you have been one of them?

It is a grace to know Jesus, and to love him. Each of us has our favourite aspect of him, as each friend relates in a different way to a friend. As we read the gospel, we can notice what attracts us — his kindness, compassion, justice, prayer or some other aspect. What attracts him to us is a source of our love for him, and of life within ourselves.

They came to him also because they needed him, and it’s the same for ourselves.


Christ of the welcomes, be close to us.
Nourish us with the bread of life,.
Feed us with the plenty of God.

Jesus calls sinnersPlease:

Offer a prayer today for all those
who were our teachers
in the ways of faith,
and even those who may have let us down.