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Advent Moments: Week 2 Mon

08 December, 2014


Monday of the Second week of Advent :8/12/14

Gospel:         Luke 5:20

When he saw their faith, Jesus said,
My friend, your sins are forgiven you’

Reflection: Forgiveness is the presence of God

 Jesus still lives on. That’s the mystery —
in the birth of every child, God forgives
in the need of every poor person,
in the love of every man and woman, boy and girl,
every human being for another.
His real presence in so many ways among us is in the environment of mystery; unlike a problem, we never know all about it, but live more deeply year by year, Christmas by Christmas, in the mystery.

It’s the mystery of God: we know more than a man in Jesus.
We know what God is like,
the One like us who wants to say always,
‘Your sins are forgiven you.’
Before forgiveness as well as afterwards, and always, he calls us ‘My friend’.
And even though we don’t know it, wherever we forgive each other God is present.

Pope Bl Paul IV's saying

Pope Bl Paul IV’s saying



May I bring forth the kingdom of justice,
may I bring forth the kingdom of peace,
may I bring forth the kingdom of God.


Offer a prayer today for those who work for peace,
states-people, church-people, community activists,
politicians, medical and social people in war torn places across the globe, especially Jesus’ homeland.