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Advent Moments: Week 2, Thursday

11 December, 2014


Thursday of the Second Week of Advent 11-12-14

Gospel: Matthew 11:15

Listen, anyone who has ears!

Xian VauesReflection: Jesus’ attractive Words

Jesus had just compared John the Baptist to Elijah and had upset his hearers. Much of what Jesus says in the gospel is disturbing.
There are times we don’t want to hear words like
Forgive your enemies or
‘Come, follow me’,
or words effecting something we believe strongly in. The words of Jesus
appeal to the best in us, but are overshadowed by the worst in us.

The call of Jesus is always to a fuller human life, as well as a faithful following in faith. His spirituality is attractive because it is so human, and offers a way for the deepest human fulfilment.
His message and life,
his words of the truth of God
and his death and resurrection,
will challenge us, as his birth among the poor makes us question all our values. His friendship and example always help us live what he proposes.


Word of God 5    W
ord of Life, teach us truth.
Word of God, teach us about God.
Word made flesh, teach us to be fully human.


    Offer a prayer today for all our teachers,
living and dead,
passionate and boring
good and poor.

Our thanks  to all those who helped, were quoted or whose pictures we used in th making of this site.
Our thanks especially to Donal Neary SJ  for the use of the text of his booklet,
Praying in Advent’.

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