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Advent Moments: Week 1, Thurs

04 December, 2014


Thursday of the first week of Advent :4/12/14

Gospel:         Matthew 7:2

Everyone then who hears these words of mine and acts on them
will be like a wise man who built his house on rock .


Reflection: Foundations in Life

house foundationsWe look for foundations in our lives — for our decisions, our relationships, our ‘way of being in the world’. Questions like ‘what are my priorities?’, ‘what do I feel strongly about?’ among others, are questions we find addressed in the gospels. The word of God is a foundation of life, and offers us a way of life, convictions to live by, the rock on which we can live and stand firmly.

In his word, Jesus invites us
to know we are loved by God,
to work for justice and
to relate to others in compassion and in love.

These invitations are unshakeable foundations and the gospel invites us to hear them, and to act out of them. Each of us can find out for ourselves the words of the gospel in which we live and act.

good shep1Prayer:

Jesus, way of God, guide us in life.
Jesus, truth of God, enlighten our decisions.
Jesus, life of God, may we know your life to the full.


Offer a prayer today for all those who work among the poor in organisations like St Vincent de Paul Society, Simon, Focus Ireland, Friends of the Elderly, Br. Kevin, and others too numerous to mention here.

And for individuals who reach out to needy neighbours epecially during this season