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Advent Moments: 1st Sun-1/12/2014

30 November, 2014

Sun 1

First Sunday of Advent –1-12-2014

Gospel: Mk 13:33
Beware, keep alert, you do not know when the time will come.’

Waiting for the Messenger

Peobirthple often say ‘my time has come’, meaning that they have no control over the time of death. It is true that in many of the biggest areas of life, we have little or no choice: our gender, our nationality, our physical make-up.

Advent points out in many ways that we are dependent on God, and that God is closelyFuneral involved with our lives, and the unknowns of life make us aware of how much of life is in the context of mystery and outside our control.

Advent is also the beginning of God’s dependency on ourselves for bringing his word to life. Jesus invites us in Advent to be alert to the signs of his presence in the unfolding mystery of our lives.

Jesus, be with us, in time of trouble, in time of joy, now and at the hour of death.

Please offer a prayer today for those who through illness have little  control over their lives.