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About arranging a baptism

30 November, 1999

How do I go about arranging a baptism?

First thing is to talk things over with your priest, or in some parishes they have a group that helps with preparation of infant baptism. It is normally best to ring to arrange a mutually convenient time for a relaxed meeting – trying to get everything arranged after Mass on Sunday is not a good idea.

My baby was baptised by a nurse in hospital because she was sick, should she be done properly in Church?

The sacrament of baptism is a once and for all affair. Any Christian can baptise properly. However, if there is doubt that a child has been baptised a ‘conditional’ baptism might be celebrated. In any case there is a special celebration of reception of your child into the Church. In any case you need to have your child’s name on the baptismal register of your parish church. This is necessary before your son or daughter can celebrate other sacraments such as Communion, Confirmation, Marriage, Ordination.

A visit to your local priest or parish group to talk over what is the best thing for you to do will sort things out.