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Dec 12 – St Finnian (d. 539) abbot of Clonard

Finnian of Clonard (Cluain Iráird) where there were up to 3,000 monks studying is called "the tutor of the Irish saints"

St Brendan, Abbot -AD 486-578

St Brendan of Kerry There is very little secure information concerning Brendan’s life, although at least the approximate dates of his birth and death, and accounts of some events in his life, are found in the Irish annals and genealogies. The first mention of Brendan occurs in Adamnan’s Vita Sancti Columbae, written between 679 and […]

Jun 9 – St Columba (Columcille) (1): Dove of the church

St Columba, abbot, missionary also known as Colum Cille, was born in Gartan, County Donegal in 521 and was of royal lineage. He studied under Finnian of Moville and Finnian of Clonard. He founded monasteries in Deny, Durrow, Iona and possibly Kells. From Iona, which became his principal foundation, missionaries undertook the conversion of Northumbria. […]

May 16 – St Brendan, Abbot AD 486-578

Summary of St Brendan, abbot. Brendan was a Kerryman who was born in 484-486. He studied at Clonard under Finnian. His name is connected with many places in Kerry such as Ardfert and Mount Brandon. He visited Scotland and reached the Hebrides and possibly areas beyond. He founded a monastery in Clonfert in 568 and […]

Columbanus in his own words – Tomás Ó Fiaich

Columbanus was Ireland's first European. Shrines, towns and landmarks across Europe bear Columbanus's name and testify to the widespread diffusion of devotion to the saint.

Feb 17 – St Fionán (d. 661)

Fionán, abbot of Lindisfarne, was well able to manage the tensions that emerged between the Celtic and Roman ritual expressions of Christianity.

Jan 30 – St Aidan (Maedhog) c 550-626AD

In 580, Aidan returned to Ireland and the coast of Wexford. Here, well known for generosity and kindness, he served in the area around Ferns.

Jan 29 – St Gildas (500-570) itinerant monk

Gildas is best known for his historical work De excidio Britanniae, (“On the Ruin of Britain”) and for a Penitential, both of which were widely used in Ireland, Wales and England. He had contact with Irish monks and settled for the last part of his life on an island off Brittany, near which there is a town called […]