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Advent Moments: Week 2, Friday

12 December, 2014


Friday of the Second Week of Advent 12-12-14

Gospel: Matthew 11:18Jesus&John the b

For John came neither eating nor drinking,
and they say ‘He has a demon’;
the Son of Man came eating and drinking,
and they say, ‘Look, a glutton and a drunkard’

Reflection: Sign of Contradiction


Pharisees complain

Pharisees complain about Jesus

ome people could never be satisfied with Jesus.
If he mixed with sinners, they looked down him,
but if he had lived a hermit’s life and fasted all the time, they would have seen the devil in him.
Jesus’ compassion and inclusiveness of everyone got up people’s noses. So they made fun of him for the people he loved.

Jeinnocentssus was always a sign of contradiction, but in such a way that led good people to be better.
Only those who wanted no change in their lives opposed him. They were many and this would lead to his death.
It happened all the time, even in the very  first weeks after he came among us. The rulers were threatened by news of his birth and many little children were killed in his place –  the slaughter of the innocents in the name of the future. Where have we reminded of that in recent times ?



Jesus, lover of the poor, give us freedom.
praying handsJesus, lover of the free, give us compassion.
Jesus, lover of the compassionate, give us love.


Offer a prayer today for the children of :
our family, immediate and extended.
of our nation, especially those who have neglected
or abused in the past,
or who are still being physically or emotionally, neglected,
or illtreated for personal gratification.
our world, who are dying of malnutrician and hunger
or kidnapped for military reasons.

Our thanks  to all those who helped, were quoted or whose pictures we used in th making of this site.
Our thanks especially to Donal Neary SJ  for the use/adaptation  of the text of his booklet,
Praying in Advent’.

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