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Happy Easter Egg with Resurrection message

The Happy Easter Egg comes with rhymes, readings and illustrations that tell the true story of Easter.


Support the elderly and vulnerable during extreme weather – Archbishop

“The weather forecast for the coming days is expected to be exceptionally cold and to include a significant snowfall. This bad weather will affect and frighten many people across our country.”


Lent, Week 2 Wednesday (28 February)

To be great or to aspire to greatness we must first of all, learn how to be humble, how to serve. Many of us find menial tasks awful and there are times when we don’t always show [...]


Pope lends solidarity to those persecuted for their faith

Meeting between Pontiff and the husband and daughter of Asia Bibi, the Pakistani Christian sentenced to death for alleged blasphemy, as well as Nigerian Rebecca Bitrus, who escaped from Boko Haram after two years in captivity.


Emmanuel kick starts musical preparations for WMF2018 papal Mass

Over 2,500 students from 70 different schools perform three pieces which have been specially written for the World Meeting of Families in August.


Lent, Week 2 Tuesday (27 February)

Who can separate me from the love of Christ? It isn’t easy to be separated from Jesus, because He embraces us with his redeeming love and mercy, no matter how far we have strayed from him. He is [...]


Syria’s heartbreak must end, says Trócaire

Families are trying to stay alive in dark, ill-equipped shelters in Eastern Ghouta. The shelters are not supplied with enough water or food, and children have not seen sunshine for weeks.


Diocese of Cork and Ross prays for papal visit in August

The Holy Father understands our tradition of family life and mission in reaching out to others in faith, says Bishop John Buckley


Lent, Week 2 Monday (26 February)

Yesterday, the Gospel passage at Mass was the account of the Transfiguration. Pope Francis has this to say, “The ‘brightness’ that characterises the extraordinary event of the Transfiguration, symbolises its purpose: to illuminate the minds and hearts of [...]


Pray especially for Peace this Sunday

Pope Francis invites us all to ask ourselves 'What can I do for peace?'


Lent, Week 2 Sunday (25 February)

O Christ, Sun of justice,

let now the shadows of the mind disperse,

that the light of virtue may return,

when you recreate earth’s day.


With the glorious light of Christ,

the day of salvation springs forth,

while abstinence reforms hearts,

wounded by sin.



European bishops stress importance of common free time in EU

Catholic Church and Trade Unions demonstrate how social, religious and civic engagement is declining in the EU due to the lack of “common free time and free Sundays”.  


National Collection for World Meeting of Families this weekend

Former 'Dragon' Norah Casey is taking on the task of raising funds for the Pope’s visit


Discussion point

And so after the first ten days of this Lenten journey, how do you feel? Are you open to the needs of those around you? Are you giving time to Jesus and letting him show you the way? Have you [...]


Lent, Week 1 Saturday (24 February)

Love changes everything – but there are times when our love has not been sincere, and nothing has changed. Love isn’t just concerned with good and positive things, but reaching out and embracing the negative and less [...]


Rising tide only helps those with strong boats: Social Justice Ireland

Report shows Ireland is among bottom four countries of 15 European nations on sustainable progress index.


Church must consider deferring Confirmation

Confirmation isn't something that we should just "slide into" says Bishop of Limerick.


Lent, Week 1 Friday (23 February)

We are encouraged to persevere in doing good throughout our entire lifetime. It isn’t always easy – we make wrong decisions or judgements, bear grudges and often find it hard to forgive someone for a past wrong. [...]


“No words” to describe latest attacks in Syria

“My two hands are not enough to cover my two children and protect them from the insane bombing around us.”


Threat of famine looms in Somalia

Ireland’s emergency supplies, sent last week and now being distributed, will help to meet the immediate needs of up to 4,000 displaced families


Lent, Week 1 Thursday (22 February)

Not everyone is surrounded by family and friends, or work within a large group of people. For all sorts of reasons more people live and work alone, or feel that they do not know the people around [...]


Divine Mercy Conference theme of courage apt in advance of referendum

The whole theme of the conference was to have courage, prophetic with the (referendum on the) Eighth Amendment coming up


Crosscare’s community café aims to help those feeling isolated

“Unfortunately a rising tide does not lift all boats! Many of the issues people have when accessing the food bank are not being addressed with the improving economy” - Michael McDonagh.

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