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A Year’s Worth of Gospel Acclamations

The Cloyne Commission for Liturgical Formation has produced a book with words and musical settings to aid the liturgical assembly sing the Gospel Acclamations.


Wounded Prophet – A portrait of H.J.M. Nouwen

Michael Andrew Ford paints an honest and sympathetic picture, examining all areas of Nouwen's life and his legacy as a great spiritual writer.


Are we losing the young church? Youth ministry …

Gerard Gallagher writes this history of youth ministry in Ireland out of concern that the mistakes of the past will not be repeated in the future.


Catholic Primary Education: Facing New Challenges

The essays in this book debate the current issues surrounding Catholic primary education in Ireland.


Journey through cancer – Jean Lavelle

This is the story of what I did. That is all. I make no claims and I hope I make no generalisations. But maybe what I have to say will help someone else in their struggle with the disease.


Reaping the Harvest: Fifty Years after Vatican II

Jim Corkery SJ, Suzanne Mulligan and Gerry O'Hanlon SJ look at the positive insights and challenges that came from the Council.


Confessions of a lapsed Catholic – Sheila Cassidy

Sheila's "Confessions" may find echoes in hearts and minds with regard to the practice of Catholic faith today.


The Eucharist: What do we believe?

In this book Fáinche Ryan examines some of the questions Catholic adults have about the Eucharist.


Catholic Primary Schools – Looking to the Future

Fr Michael Drumm discusses school patronage and inclusivity and looks ahead to upcoming consultations about the future of our Catholic primary schools.

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