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Sending out roots: Helping parents and teachers …

Carole M. Eipers's book is designed to help parents and teachers to be aware of how they can best share their faith with their children.


God’s Passion: Praying with Mark

This book is one of the series Praying with the Gospels that follows the lectionary cycle.The author Terry Hinks is a minister in the United Reform Church serving in Hampshire.


Navigating the Gospels: Matthew

Philip Fogarty SJ is a former Headmaster of Clongowes Wood College and of Coláiste Iognáid, Galway. This is his third book in the series Navigating the Gospels.


The Church and politics

This article is a chapter from the book by Austin Ivereigh and Kathleen Griffin, Catholic Voices: Putting the case for the Church in an era of 24-hour news. It gives a good summary of the central themes of Catholic Social Teaching. THE CHURCH AND POLITICS  Challenging questions Why does the Church interfere in politics —

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