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Irish Church Architecture in the Era of Vatican II

This excellent book deals with the evolution of church buildings in Ireland by examining the best known churches built between the 1960s and 1990s.


Dancing with dinosaurs: a 21st century spirituality

This book by Mark Patrick Hederman is a kind of extended metaphor or metaphysical conceit for our relationship with God.


Pluralism & Diversity in early 21st century Ireland …

This book by Mícheál Mac Gréil SJ documents the positive change in attitudes towards Northern Ireland and Britain following the peace process.


A New Vision for the Catholic Church: A View from Ireland

116 pp. The Columba Press. To purchase this book online, go to www.columba.ie THE BOOKIn the wake of the succession of scandals and institutional failures of the Catholic Church in Ireland, Fr Gerry O’Hanlon SJ held a series of discussion with lay people on the question: what is our vision for the church? Drawing on


Seven stages in spiritual evolution

This presentation on the stages of spiritual evolution is by Fr Korko Moses SJ (Swamy Saranananda) who runs a Christian ashram in India. His thought is in the line of the mystical tradition of St Teresa of Avila and St John of the Cross, especially along the third, fourth, and fifth stages.   1.1 Stages of mind


Missionary Memoirs

294 pp. The Columba Press. To purchase this book online, go to www.columba.ie THE BOOKThe author gives an account of his visits to missionary countries on all the continents over a period of half a century. He offers vivid reports on a world which most people know of only vaguely. The devotion and dedication of


Encountering God in the margins: reflections …

Aidan Donaldson sees his book as an attempt to give voice to the voiceless as he allows them to share their life, their hopes, their fears and struggles.

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