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Our Family Mass: Resources for the Family Sunday Liturgy Year A

233 pp. Veritas Publications. To purchase this book online, go to www.veritas.ie THE BOOKThis is a comprehensive collection of ready-to-go Liturgies of the Word for every Sunday of Cycle A, as well as the major feast days. Whether setting up a Family Mass from scratch, or looking for fresh ideas, this book gives you: –


Answers from within: Spiritual guidelines for managing setbacks in work

188 pp. Veritas Publications. to purchase this book online, go to www.veritas.ie THE BOOKAnswers from within is written for men and women of faith who may need a compass to keep themselves on track when things go wrong in the workplace. It works best if absorbed in quiet moments alone when there is a distance


Spirituality and environment: seeking …

This article is the text of a talk given to the Céifin Conference 2009 at the West County Hotel, Ennis. The theme of the conference was the search for a new vision and leadership for the future.


Who’s in charge? Towards a leadership of service

The papers of the 2009 Céifin Conference edited by Harry Bohan explore the kind of vision, values and leadership required to repair the damage of the past and find a way forward.


Mary, my mother

Lisa Gurney is a writer in Worcester, Massachusetts, USA.  She wants to share as widely as possible, how Mary helped the lost little girl and the suffering adult.

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