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Antoni Gaudí

He died a pauper's death but the genius of Gaudi lives on in his wonderfully designed buildings and churches in Spain. No one knows what the final design of the Sagrada Familia was to be.


Anchoring the altar: Christianity and … art

In this fascinating book, Mark Patrick Hederman OSB argues that, far from being irrelevant in the twenty-first century, Christianity like art needs to and can find new forms that can give vibrancy and vision to the many different cultures in today’s world.


Dark and disappearing

The plundering of the world's forests is having a devastating effect on creation, and for thousands of species life on earth is becoming a thing of the past. Seán McDonagh reports.


A meditation on the icon of St. Nicholas

Gregory Collins shows us how to pray with an icon of St. Nicholas. As God filled Nicholas with goodness, compassion and light, he also wishes to shed his light in all human hearts.


The mystical imagination of Patrick Kavanagh

Una Agnew SSL writes an intellectual and spiritual biography of Patrick Kavanagh, a man who, in spite of his general appearance, was a profoundly mystical poet.


An introduction to the world of iconography

Sister Aloysius, an accomplished iconographer, explains the very special character of the icon and how interest in this sacred art form is growing in the West.


Battling the storm: A cancer patient’s diary

103pp. First published by The Irish Catholic 2009. Veritas 2010. To purchase this book online go to www.veritas.ie CONTENTS Introduction by Tony Hanna  I Have Cancer  Cancer is a Lonely Place  Cancer is a Lesson in Humility I Have Been Very Touched  The Unmentionable Sacrament We Take Things for Granted in the Developed World  This I las


The Singing Heart of the World

Creation, Evolution and Faith. A scientist sets out relying on reason to seriously investigate the natural world we live in but eventually finds reason inadequate.

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